Doctors of Chiropractic are trained health care professionals and as such are obliged to act responsibly.

A typical chiropractic visit consist of:

  • medical history taking,
  • detailed physical examination,
  • interpretation of investigative tools, such as x-ray,
  • effective doctor-patient communication with regard to presenting complaint, prognosis and management plan,
  • obtaining patient’s consent to treatment,
  • carry out gentle techniques for which they have received training.

The professional chiropractic practitioner will, in terms:

  • adhere to the chiropractic Scope of Practice,
  • treat all patients the same, regardless of sex, race, political and religious belief,
  • continue his/her professional development,
  • favor, and contribute to, scientific research and evidence based therapeutic approaches,
  • help the profession maintain high standards,
  • act professionally and honestly.