When people hear about chiropractic for the first time, they start wondering where to find a good one. The following tips will help you choosing a professional and ethical chiropractor in your area.

There are a few points to consider/look for:

1. Registration
2. Qualification
3. Reputation
4. Professionalism

1. Registration

  • Check the registration status of the practitioner you intend to consult by contacting the relative professional council (CPCM),
  • determine whether they are a member of a National association in your country; if they are not, find out why by contacting the appropriate association/s,

2. Qualification

  • inquiry about the practitioner qualification/s,
  • ask what college/university they attended, and whether such institution has a National or International accreditation, (you may check all International institutes accreditation by linking here),
  • verify that such document is publicly displayed or at least available to view on request,
  • confirm that the appropriate Nationally, or Internationally, validated qualification/s are displayed should you be exposed to diagnostic tools such as musculoskeletal sonography, lab tests and/or unusual therapeutic approaches.

3. Reputation

  • word of mouth is usually the best way to find a good chiropractor,
  • additionally, ask friends and family members whether they have had any experiences with a chiropractor,
  • check whether chiropractic is offered by the National Health System in your country,
  • ask your family doctor to recommend a good chiropractic practitioner,
  • contact the National Legislatory Council, or National Chiropractic Association to recommend a doctor of chiropractic in your area,

4. Professionalism

  • do not be afraid to challenge the practitioner’s professionalism by asking as many questions as you wish regarding your condition, management plan and prognosis,
  • expect knowledgeable answers, easy communication and a degree of scientific/clinical evidence in their response,
  • beware of those practitioner who are dismissive and quickly try to offer unrealistic diagnosis accompanied by improbable  results,
  • beware of those practitioner who offer you packages, i.e. a certain number of visits, usually 10 or 20, at discounted prices. Any health professional wishes to manage your condition in as few visits as possible,
  • make sure that, during your first visit, your practitioner will allow the necessary time to:

– listen to the details of the presenting complaint,
– take a full medical history,
– complete a detailed physical examination,
– report the finding to you in simple plain language,
– deliver an appropriate comfortable treatment,
– book a follow up appointment if deemed necessary,

  • during your follow up appointment, if any, the chiropractor should allow the necessary time to:

– record your feedback from the previous visit,
– discuss and explain any questions you may have,
– if considered suitable, offer you a second/alternate treatment,
– record any feedback from the current visit,

  • be wary of practitioner who will unrealistically predict any improvement, i.e. suggesting 20 visits to guarantee decrease of your pain, or visiting the clinic two to three times/week for 12 weeks,
  • as a patient, you have the right to demand for privacy, i.e. if you do not feel comfortable to be in the same treatment room with other people/patients say so and expect to be transferred in a more private area,
  • ensure that your chiropractor offers you a gown should you feel uncomfortable to uncover any body parts. An ethical doctor of chiropractic will never ask you to expose intimate areas.

If you still have any doubts about your chiropractic practitioner, please Contact Us and we will help you choosing one.