In Malta, chiropractic is regulated by the Council for the Profession Complementary to Medicine (CPCM). The main role of the CPCM is to protect both patients and practitioners, in relation to Health & Safety and Education Standards.

In Malta, the title of Chiropractor is protected under the Maltese Health Care Protection Act.; it is illegal for anyone to call themselves a chiropractor unless duly registered with the council.

An updated list of all, or a single practitioner verification, may be obtained contacting the registrar of the Council, or alternatively by requesting it through our ‘Contact Us‘ link.

The effort of the CPCM, to ensure that all members listed would be in possess of a valid chiropractic degree, is attained with the help of a chiropractic subcommittee which help in the decision to accept, or dispute, the presented papers. The sub committee is composed by two resident chiropractic practitioners and one external professional.

The MCA is working together with the Maltese Council in order to clarify and define the title of Doctor of Chiropractic and its professional duties, including qualifications and training received, according to European and International Standards of Institution accreditation. Ultimately, this will ensure complete compliance with the European Council of Chiropractic Education.