In order to work in Malta as a chiropractor, one must:

1) be registered with the Maltese Council for the Profession Complementary to Medicine, CPCM (contact Arthur.Camilleri at to obtain an updated list of required documents)

– Original or authenticated copies of the following (English version) –

(a) Birth and marriage (if applicable) certificates;

(b) Identification document – I.D. Card/Passport;

(c) Recent Police conduct certificate;

(d) Professional Document – Diploma/Degree – this must be presented in European/Maltese equivalent (contact the Qualification Recognition and Information Centre, MQRIC, for more details);

(e) Letters of reference in English version;

(f) A detailed transcript of Theoretical and Practical Training and Studies in hours associated with the Profession and in relation with the profession syllabus performed by your Institution being the University/College. This has to be endorsed in the original format by the Head/Registrar of your Institution being the University/College;

(g) A recent (six months) verification certificate of current registration and good standing with the Council you are registered with;

(h) Curriculum Vitae in English version.

2) be in possess of a valid Maltese Professional Indemnity Insurance policy

3) be registered with the Maltese Chiropractic Association (optional).