The Malta Chiropractic Association, MCA, was founded in 2013 to represent the chiropractic profession in Malta. The MCA is established to safeguard the most fundamental scientific requirements that define the profession, determine its clinical use and limitations, and conduct its practice following adequate scientific research on its mechanism of action.

The MCA will make every effort to ensure that the Maltese population gains access to safe and effective health care for common musculoskeletal conditions, such as back pain often resulting in chronic disability leading to detrimental life styles.


Promote public safety in Malta by allowing equal access for all patients to quality chiropractic care, develop chiropractic as a science and an effective health profession and ensure cooperation with other health professionals.


  • To ensure that its members possess high quality chiropractic qualifications following International/ECCE/ECU professional and educational standards.
  • To increase patient safety, quality and accessibility of care and health in Malta.
  • To ensure collaboration with other Health Professions to deliver the most effective care.
  • To work together with other International Professional Associations and apply the latest scientific research.
  • To protect the Public from charlatans and other impostors who would jeopardize the patient’€™s health consequently damaging the reputation of the profession and its practitioners.
  • To be the Maltese representative body in Europe.
  • To establish full-time university based education programmes to Masters level, which conform to European Council on Chiropractic Education standards.