When visiting a doctor of chiropractic consider the following ten basic points:

  1. Registration status – check the registration status of the practitioner you intend to consult by contacting the relative professional council (CPCM),
  2. National Association Recognition –  determine whether they are a member of a National association in your country; if they are not, find out why by contacting the appropriate association/s,
  3. Practitioner’s Qualifications – ask what college/university they attended and, whether such institution has a National or International accreditation, (you may check all International institutes accreditation by linking here),
  4. Reliability – additionally, ask friends and family members whether they have had any experiences with a chiropractor,
  5. NHS Acceptance – check whether chiropractic is offered by the National Health System in your country,
  6. Doctor Referral – ask your family doctor to recommend a good chiropractic practitioner,
  7. Find Out Who – contact the National Legislatory Council, or National Chiropractic Association to recommend a doctor of chiropractic in your area,
  8. Professionalism – do not be afraid to challenge the practitioner’s professionalism by asking as many questions as you wish regarding your condition, management plan and prognosis,
  9. Scientific and Clinical Knowledge – expect knowledgeable answers, easy communication and a degree of scientific/clinical evidence in their response,
  10. Honesty – beware of those practitioner who offer you packages, i.e. a certain number of visits, usually 10 or 20, at discounted prices. Any health professional wishes to manage your condition in as few visits as possible.