Chiropractic care starts from the moment you walk in to the clinic.

The qualified practitioner will take a detailed medical personal and family history, present and past, which coupled with a full physical examination, will give him/her an indication on your state and the best line forward.

The doctor of chiropractic may ask you to remove some of your clothes depending on the body area to examine, (never intimate areas).

To confirm or rule out a condition, further evidence may be obtained by use of additional diagnostic tools such as x-rays. Chiropractors receive three years of intensive training in radiography, radiology and Radiation Safety. Musculoskeletal Ultrasonography may also be ordered to better investigate common muscles and tendons conditions such as tenosynovitis and bursitis. In such case the performing physician must be qualified to carry out such examinations.

Once all the information is gathered, it will be reported to you in simple language; you will be informed of your condition and finally asked for consent to treatment.

Chiropractic treatments are usually gentle and specific to restore joints range of motion (ROM) of the spine and other parts of the body. The audible sound during an adjustment is just the trapped air being released from the joint, (similar to the pop of a bottle of champagne when opened). However, some patients experience temporary soreness or even bruising around the area being treated which quickly passes for most patients.

The entire procedure should take approximately 30 to 60 minutes.

Continuous and repetitive spinal adjustments are usually not advised, however, regular visits consisting of soft/deep tissue work, passive stretch and mobilization will help your joints stay moveable and you feeling much loser and pain free.

The doctor of chiropractic may decide to inform your GP about the treatment care that you are receiving .to update your medical history file. Nevertheless, if the practitioner believes that chiropractic care is not suitable to you they will refer you to the most attributable health care professional to help you with your condition.