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About Us

About the Malta Chiropractic Association

The Malta Chiropractic Association (MCA), was founded in 2013  to ensure that Maltese citizens have access to information on musculoskeletal health and, guarantee the highest quality of Chiropractic care.

The MCA is the first and only association for Chiropractors in Malta. It is also the Maltese representative body in Europe to protect and support patients & professionals and promote chiropractic as an effective health profession for common musculoskeletal conditions, such as low back, neck and other joint functional issues.


Our Team

Russ headshot.jpg
Dr. Russ Hornstein

"Advancing the profession and providing the best quality care require a dedication to growth. The MCA supports academic growth of our members and the highest professional and ethical standards"

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Secretary / Treasurer
Dr. Elaine Mc Dougall

We are a non profit association funded entirely by our members. Since our establishment in 2013 we have raised the standards in Malta and collaborate with the European Chiropractic Union in further advances across the EU.

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